With Consistent Increases In Consumer Spending For Goods And Services Online, It's Essential For Online Retailers To Utilize Tools That Will Help Them To Cash In On This Trend.

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E-commerce is quickly catching up to brick and mortar retail sales and is growing more with every passing year. Worldwide, people are changing the way that they shop. With consistent increases in consumer spending for goods and services online, it's essential for online retailers to utilize tools that will help them to cash in on this trend. Internet marketing agency,fishbat, lists four important social media tools for e-commerce. 1. Hootsuite . Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows online retailers to access analytics to improve marketing efforts on social media, provides message scheduling, geo-targeting, and custom URL shortening, among many other functions. Hootsuite enables business owners and marketers to fine tune advertising efforts, make social media management more efficient, and increase SEO, driving traffic. 2.ClickTale. ClickTale is a conversion driving tool that collects consumer behavior data to show where a business is losing their potential consumer in the online experience. Gaining visibility to where the customer is dis-engaging, helps marketers to understand what is causing the customer to leave, and change that part of the experience to impact better consumer retention and conversion.

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White.at.EO is not just about following guidelines, but is about ensuring that the content a search engine indexes and subsequently ranks is the same content a user will see. The search engines' market shares vary from market to market, as does competition. In March 2007, goggle warned web masters that they should prevent indexing of internal search results because those pages are considered search spam. 43 A variety of methods can increase the prominence of a web page within the http://whiteflamesolutions.com search results. Historically websites have copied content from one another and benefited in search engine rankings by engaging in this practice, however goggle implemented a new system which punishes sites whose content is not unique. 35 The 2012 goggle Penguin attempted to penalize websites that used manipulative techniques to improve their rankings on the search engine, 36 and the 2013 goggle Hummingbird update featured an algorithm change designed to improve goggle's natural language processing and semantic understanding of web pages. According to Carrie Grimes, the software engineer who announced Caffeine for goggle, “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index...” 33 goggle Instant, real-time-search, was introduced in late 2010 in an attempt to make search results more timely and relevant. We have grown hundreds of businesses of all sizes using our expertise, unique methods, and tools. Meta tags provide a guide to each page's content. KinderStart's website was removed from goggle's index prior to the lawsuit and the amount of traffic to the site dropped by 70%. Initially, all web masters needed to do was to submit the address of a page, or URL, to the various engines which would send a “ spider “ to “crawl” that page, extract links to other pages from it, and return information found on the page to be indexed . 5 The process involves a search engine spider downloading a page and storing it on the search engine's own server, where a second program, known as an indexer, extracts various information about the page, such as the words it contains and where these are located, as well as any weight for specific words, and all links the page contains, which are then placed into a scheduler for crawling at a later date. Early versions of search algorithms relied on webmaster-provided information such as the keyword meta tag, or index files in engines like ALIWEB .