As Lucy, The Ceo, Notes, Her Scientists Have Discovered That While Mirando Pigs Dream Peaceful And Lovely Dreams, Those Less-fortunate Pigs Suffer From The Most Dreadful Night Terrors.

Mirando Corporation is dedicated to organic harvesting with their Peachy Delight baking goods and Happy Pup treats, as well as its research through Mirando Transformatives and the Mirando some growing challenges in secrets in seo site Animal Wellness Center. As Lucy, the CEO, notes, her scientists have discovered that while Mirando pigs dream peaceful and lovely dreams, those less-fortunate pigs suffer from the most dreadful night terrors. The cheery music cuts into a discordant track as Lucy offers a vision of what those night terrors might look like. Pigs deserve happy dreams, just like the rest of us, she says, back in her upbeat persona. Thats where the Super Pig Project comes in. Netflix erected a viral site to go along with the film that further teases the origin of Okja, the titular animal. Weve successfully reproduced 26 miracle piglets by non-forced, natural mating which were then placed in 26 different countries with esteemed farmers. Another viral video on the site explains this entirely new, scientifically groundbreaking species of pig will singlehandedly remedy the planets food shortage crisis. Mirandos Super Pigs wont only be big and beautiful, theyll be genetically engineered to leave the minimal environmental footprint, consuming less feed and producing fewer excretions. Only one was crowned Super Pig and that Super Pig, per the website, is Okja. Raised in South Korea by an esteemed farmer, she will go on to feed the world and will present Mirando Corp across the globe, a description states.

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